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Mexico City

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Remark: For planning and finding my way succussfully throughout of Mexico, I used the lonely planet guide Mexico, an excellent book describing reality in a professional manner. At home again it helped me a lot, to write my comments on this page.

On a regular basis I wrote E-Mails (in German) describing my experience in and impressions of Mexico. These E-Mails I publish here under the link MEXICO MAILS.

Mexico; looking back to an experience with strong positive feelings. Friendly, helpful and open minded  people, a country with a rich culture, prehispanic, hispanic and posthispanic. A country with a beautiful landscape - I enjoyed particuraly the beaches of Acapulco, Tulum and Cancun (Club Med for one week).

I was lucky to not have been confronted with or suffered from any type of violance or crime. In Mexico City I  used the metro on a regular basis. It is a cheep and fast means of transportation. Once discovered and understood, I liked it. ....... Yes, the continuous and sometimes painful noise from the salesmen and -women was from time to time stressful. .... But indeed, in Mexico City, it does not seem to be to easy to earn your Pesos for living.

But let me start with the preparation for my trip. It was my wife Marie-Thérèse, who introduced me to the most essential exercises for visiting Mexico.

By the way, click on the miniature picture and you get an enlarged version. This is valid for more or less my total homepage.

Gruss1.jpg (70760 Byte) Gruss2.jpg (74541 Byte)

Left picture: She makes me a present, a pyramide for training purpose, with a hot sun and steep steps.
Right picture: Important training exercise: Mexican siesta!

Here is what I found: La Piramide del Sol - I was on the top, thanks to the exercise!
At noon, I found this group of Mexican workers, not far away from the 'Piramide del Sol' having their siesta.

 Teotihuac26.jpg (95918 Byte) Teotipit3.jpg (47807 Byte) Teotihuac27.jpg (141773 Byte)

Well, what is Mexico. The people seem to like skulls (craneos). They represent the prehispanic past with a lot of men (captured wariors) being killed and being donated to the gods; but they stand too for the close contact to the ancestors, who have died allready.
Mexico, the country of rich oil resources and of banks, of cars (Volkswagen beetles everywhere). Mexico, full of political troubles and criminal attacks. Mexico, with a lot of children and young and optimistic people. Mexico, between Spanish and Indian (Toltecs, Maya, Aztecs,...) cultural heritage. Mexico, with a lot of people, ready to suffer, to fight for a little hope for a better future. Mexico, the land of strong colours and a lot of administrators .... and police and military nearly everywhere.
Writing postcards or letters seems to be out. Finding post-offices or -boxes is difficult and my postcards seem to arrive in Europe after about 4 weeks. Some of them seem to have got lost.

 MexTouribus005.jpg (111011 Byte) Mus anthropol1.jpg (55089 Byte) MexReformaParadec.jpg (61476 Byte)

 XOCHIMt.jpg (109739 Byte) XOCHIMi.jpg (95730 Byte)

Colourfull Xochimilco - Pit as a 'Gondoliere' on the canals of Xochimilco. Not an easy task.

 MEXIIt.jpg (75299 Byte) Chapultepec1.jpg (135449 Byte) MEXIIs.jpg (180711 Byte)

Colourfull sculptures - type Niki de Saint Phalle - on markets and, it seems forgotten, Don Qichotte, covered with dust in a sideroom of a market. Masks of Mexican wrestlers in the Bosque de Chapultepec.

Videos from Mexico: 

They are all on Youtube! Click the picture. After you have seen one, click the back arrow.
My experience. My hands are not calm enough and I move the camera to quickly. This is disturbing. If you want to enjoy some of my videos, it may be helpfull, to stop them from time to time.

Video: Parade of the youngsters on the 'Reforma'. 

Video: The Bay of Acapulco.

Video: Boats from Xochimilco.

Video: Folkloristic dancers in Cancun.

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Fotos Spanien Island Schweiz Madeira Mexico  Italien Nicaragua Costa Rica