What is where?
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What is where?  

For my oil paintings, see  first paintings 1964 - 1979, 1980 - 1989 , 1990 - 2004,  for my wood- and linoprints  and some of my china ink drawings , click directly on the given link.

Bernhard Luginbuhl:  My 20 minutes bike-ride to  Moetschwil, really close to my village Krauchthal. My visit to the workshop of the famous Swiss artist Bernhard Luginbuhl, who stores around his workshop a lot of his oeuvres and of his raw material. An artful arrangement. You want to know more? Why don't you have a look at my editions  February 2002March 2002,   April 2002 and May 2002.


Luginbuehl14.jpg (33600 Byte)

Luginbuehl37.jpg (20015 Byte)

Look in Luginbühls Garden

 A majestic oeuvre from Luginbuhl
-see me in
April 2002-

Luginbuehl62.jpg (11181 Byte)

Have - for the moment - a last look in Luginbuhls garden in May 2002